What I refuse to do. (Regarding the election of Pope Francis)
Unum Sint, thank you! Pretty much my thoughts. I have many reservations about our new Holy Father, but he is the Pope and I'm not going back to Orthodoxy or protestantism, no matter what happens. When I made my Profession of Faith 33 years ago this St Wenceslaus Day, it was for life. Vive le Pape!
(03-18-2013, 02:19 AM)MorganHiver Wrote: I've never heard of a Latinized ECC before. Well, maybe I've experienced it? I went to a Byzantine Catholic Church and the weekday low mass wasn't very different from a reverent NO mass. It was also in English, which I was thrown off by...I assumed it would've been Greek or something.

Not always. Many Eastern Catholic parishes in the United States celebrate in English, because the Eastern Catholics were always about using the vernacular. Parishes that have more 1st gen or 2nd gen immigrants will also have a DL in the language of the region the community comes from though. A Byzantine Catholic Church doesn't have "Low Mass" and "High Mass." They have one Divine Liturgy that is usually celebrated, the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, which is pretty different from the Roman liturgy, either OF or EF. They don't often have weekday liturgies either, those are more common in the monasteries.

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