An Apology
I owe an apology to everyone here for insulting and posting negative things about our Holy Father as well as Cardinals Mahoney, O'Malley, and Dolan. Whatever they have or haven't done they are still Prelates in Holy Mother Church. I do not have to answer for the sins of anyone else but myself so I need to worry about my own sins and not those of others.

As for the Pope, I good trad friend of mine, an elderly gentleman says he likes the new Pope because he believes he will clean house in the Vatican and as Our Lord did, chase the money changers out of the temple. I pray this is indeed what he does. I want to give our new Pope a chance and not get all negative about things he hasn't done yet.

Yeah, I'm hoping he'll clean house. Now that there's a new pope, as I understand it, everyone in the various positions/departments looses their jobs. Pope Francis is scheduled to talk with Holy father b16 this week. I'm hoping the old pope will tell the new pope who to keep and who to let go.

Not to worry, Darryl, most trads are a little testy these days. Today at Mass my priest said we have to look at it from a spiritual perspective, not so much in worldly terms.... God is still in control, no matter what. And in the end, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph. So, we need to look at the big picture, I guess.  :)
"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
This is humble of you, Peter. You're a stand up guy for posting this. It's hard, I know. I've struggled with it myself. Sometimes I think as a recent convert that I've been sold a different bill of goods then what I thought I was getting, but in the end, I still know it's Christ's church. I know he, and His most Blessed Mother, are more offended than I can ever be. I'm a newcomer. I listen and learn from those more experienced than I here, like James, Tim, Old Salt and others. What has helped me is to immerse myself in the writings of the saints and reflect on what once was, and can be again, if it be God's will. In the end, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph!
There's no need to apologize for what you said about O'Malley and Dolan!  :LOL:


"Certainly, you must be informed about modern errors because preaching the truth involves preaching about distancing oneself from error; but do not make the negative, secondary aspect into the most important! Your first aim is not to fight against error but to know the truth. Your central concern should be study, your sanctification, silence, meditation, and the exercise of charity." - Archbishop Lefebvre
One of the first things the new pope did was to go to the place where hw was staying at and pay his bill. I like him.
:) :) :)
:pray2: for you for this post.. all that is decent, humble, and self-searching .. GBU
(03-17-2013, 05:00 PM)Petertherock Wrote: I owe an apology to everyone here for ...................

I feel the same way for different reasons and things I've posted here lately.

You are a long time member here and I don't think anyone has an issue with you. We all need to remember we have more in common than not. 

God Bless
Ptr, I just realized in this post that you really do shoot your mouth off a lot, like many here, but unlike many, you often come back and apologize for it.  I can understand that, I often say things before I have a chance to think about the words too.  God bless you for your willingness to apologize quickly rather than to arrogantly defend your words once you realize you were wrong.

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