Pope Francis changes Holy Thursday plans to celebrate Mass in prison
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(03-21-2013, 04:23 PM)Chestertonian Wrote:
(03-21-2013, 04:11 PM)Old Salt Wrote: Many pastors will now wash women's feet on Holy Thursday and sanctuaries and altars will be stripped in "honor" of the "preferential option for the poor".

I thought you were supposed to strip the altar on Holy Thursday?

I think OldSalt means stripped of their ornamentation year round. :)
(03-21-2013, 04:31 PM)Chestertonian Wrote: Can't imagine more post 1970's churches  being more "stripped down" than they already are.   You'd probably have to take down the felt banners and remove the awful neo-Cubist stained glass windows.  On second thought, that might be an improvement.
I am talking about parish churches that have statues and other sanctuary ornamentation from any decade, as well as the few communion rails that are left will be ripped from their fastenings.
(03-21-2013, 04:11 PM)Old Salt Wrote: Just like the "reform of the reform" and the TLM was implemented during Benedict XVI Pontificate, we will start to see a drastic downturn in the offering of TLM's and a return to '70's style liturgy and Masses, during Francis Pontificate.

Unless there is legislation in this regard, I don't think this will be the case.  The priests who choose to offer the TLM or even celebrate the NO in a more reverent or traditional way, or who have renovated churches to be more traditional, do so because they see the value in it, not in blind mimicry of the Pope.  Most of that work has been a grass-roots effort.  Granted, the last Pope may have opened some eyes to the value of such things, but I don't think watching the new Pope will close them again--the cat's out of the bag.  

Plus, a lot of places never stopped with 70s style liturgy and you can't return to something you never left!

Again, barring any legislation to the contrary, I think the organic liturgical progress towards more traditional liturgy will continue its slow and steady growth.
(03-21-2013, 04:35 PM)stmykearchangel Wrote: Pope visits inmates in Prison!

Good on J23. It's also quite beside the point.
I agree, just saw the video a few years ago and came to my mind when I read the OP. :)
I'm with Father Z on this one. Cautious but stll optimistic, wait-and-see approach. I really do hope he doesn't change the Mandatum though. It's confusing. And I hope this people-centered stuff doesn't go too much futher. I don't have the stomach for it.
I'm just waiting for the "For Sale" sign to be put up at St. Peter's.
(03-21-2013, 10:09 PM)OldMan Wrote: I'm just waiting for the "For Sale" sign to be put up at St. Peter's.

Really?  Huh.  I figured you'd want to buy the Pope's chair.  Since it's not being used at the moment I mean....
(03-21-2013, 10:14 PM)DrBombay Wrote:
(03-21-2013, 10:09 PM)OldMan Wrote: I'm just waiting for the "For Sale" sign to be put up at St. Peter's.

Really?  Huh.  I figured you'd want to buy the Pope's chair.  Since it's not being used at the moment I mean....

No, I'm not interested, sorry! Maybe you could use it.
I'm hung up on the tossing of the St. Peter's Throne in favor of the "humble" pope chair. I've never been overly hung up on private revelations, but the chair shook me, because what Pope has said, 'I don't need this throne to show apostolic succession.' (Or, more pertinently, 'Who needs the Holy Ghost? I'll sit on this stump over here.') And then this: Pope Francis' Last Supper Mass on Maundy Freakin Thursday hit me hard ...as something St. Peter would do?

I didn't much pay attention to the prophecy attributed to St. Malachy, except to fill in my personal "Medieval Pope Journal" project for the year, but we get this Pope, following the greatest Pope of my life, and I feel jack-slapped upside the head with not just a Pope, but with something far more akin to the tireless St. Peter (and St. Paul), especially with Francis' looking pagans in the face and reasoning with them — not that we've seen that yet of Pope Francis, except the "looking pagans in the face" part.

St. Peter was in an unholy mess of a world as he started the Church (esp if that wretched movie "Caligula" is close to the truth), and had a thirty year frenzy to build the Church, makes Bishops and dioceses, all while needing to remind previous Bishops/parishes of the most basic tenets of Christianity after getting word that they'd let paganism and Judaism mix in with the Catholic Church! Well, St. Francis has an unholy mess in his hands, as well, what with the homo priests and bishops, the reported homo mafia, and no wordly power besides the dogma given to him by Peter and his successors. And between Pope Francis' "may God forgive you what you have done," and news of the removal of the traditional Papal throne, I've been wondering if St. Malachy (or even the forgers; God does use the wicked, like Balaam, to serve His Divine purposes) might have been onto something.

Instead of "What Would Jesus Do," I'm thinking, "What would St. Peter do in the 21st C", and I'm seeing some of that in St. Francis. Because Peter left his flocks in care of Bishops and moved on [quite speedily] to bang out Dioceses left and right; to lay hands on Bishops as he brought the Eucharist to new people (after Baptising them.)

Guess I'm feeling pretty good about Pope Francis. A tad bit worried about these poor juveniles of Casal Del Marmo (youth detention center) being part of the Lord's Supper Mass, except I guess one could say that the original Lord's Supper didn't include Baptised and Confirmed Christians, either. And that's some Peter thinking. Our first Pope had to start somewhere, and fast, and it seems the Apostles went to the lowliest (blessed by Faithful benefactors to afford these missions.) I can imagine Peter eschewing Holy Thursday Mass in Jerusalem to reach out tirelessly to those in need.

And truth be told, while I LOVE the trappings like nobody's business, and my teen son is making his first pilgrimage to St. Peter's in June, I worry that my son will see all the "vendors" in St. Peter's, all the (forgive me) money looting within Vatican City, and be crestfallen. What happens in the most awe-inspiring place on Earth has started to rhyme a little too closely for my comfort with the Jewish Temple that Our Lord cleaned [commemorated this very Holy Week!!!].

I think we've been blessed with as solid a successor to Peter, at the very least, and maybe one with the spirit of Peter (any prophecies on that?), and am becoming quite fond of Pope Francis. Just my thoughts before Holy Week. :pray: May you all be blessed with a prayerful, liturgically sound, and most blessed Holy Week! #DoYourStations #Fast #PRAY!

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