popes who are saints or saints who were popes
When a pope is canonized a saint, he keeps his papal name, right?  So, is it that he is being made a saint BECAUSE he was pope, or was he saintly in his life BEFORE becoming pope... and if thats the case, why wouldn't he go back to his original name given at birth, which was the name he had when he was being saintly?    just a curious question I came up with while stuck in traffic
Anyone who is canonized is canonized for leading a holy life before God such that the Church believes them worthy of veneration. Thus Papal saints are made saints not because they were pope, but made saints because they led holy lives. And the reason that papal saints who had taken papal names in life is because the papal name effectively replaces their birth name. Just look at St. Peter, we obviously don't refer to him as St. Simon.

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