Dominican Sisters Whomp Bible Thumpers on "Bible Challenge"
(03-24-2013, 08:31 PM)MorganHiver Wrote: If the Sisters win this maybe Fox Worthy will find the true church and hire a humble, reverent chant schola to provide the music instead of the boisterous gospel shouters. haha I don't even think a schola would go over well, but it'd be funny.

I hope not. Sacred music is for sacred settings. Not game shows, movies, commercials, or video games.

It is one thing to make the profane sacred. It is quite another to make the sacred profane.
I want to chime in on the Gospel music. I like it but not in Church. Operation Push of Jesse Jackson and all had a program on here on Sunday, and it was a Sunday school for Sunday School teachers. The theme song was "Christ...Light of the World". It was Gospel but minimally arranged and sung well . These programs are on way before the sun comes up so the channel meets their obligations but the programs do not interfere with paying stuff. I used to get up at 4 am just to hear it. The program is gone and I have never found that tune. Gregorian Chant has no place on light weight fun fare like this.

I love nuns.

Anyone know if you can see this on a Roku?

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