What's Next??
After they legalize gay mariage, what is next? The liberals are running out of Commandments and Sins to committ.
(03-27-2013, 07:30 PM)salus Wrote: After they legalize gay mariage, what is next? The liberals are running out of Commandments and Sins to committ.

no limit and no end. they will never run out of different ways to break them. perhaps incest or necrophilia will be next although my bet is that it will be pedophilia. the man-boy love association (a real thing, shudderingly) will se normalisation of sodomy as a precursor to their ways.
hell, even for normally orientated people, in some countries the age of consent is as low as 16 - thats clear and pure pedophilia in anybodys book surely...

i wonder also about the human trafficking so commonly practised throughout india, burma, and the eastern bloc. stats show that despite the legalisation of prostitution in the nederlands, over 90% of prostitutes either are currently, or were originally broken into the "trade" through human trafficking. majority being from the ukraine... 

when i was about 15 i lived with a girl who was 14 years old, heavy intravenous drug user, and worked lawfully in a "massage parlour" despite her young age. and there was no actual massage involved...

to most on here that will seem like part of a "fringe" society, on the outskirts of normalcy. However I believe that the steps taken from here on out (reflecting those already taken to get us to this dreadful point) will be to normalise everything "fringe".
I agree there is no limit for the liberals and they will never be satisfied in the long-run.  But as for what's next after sodomony, my money is on polygamy.  They're also quietly working on pedophilia for whenever that gets its turn for the spotlight, but I don't think that will be for a while.
I will date myself and remember TV when i was young where Lucy and Dezi slept in separate beds. Where Mothers would prepare dinner in a dress. Where Fathers were usually in suits and very masculine. Where there were no shades of grey between black and white, good and evil. What i see now on TV, at the mall, and at Church on Sunday was never dreamed of in a normal society. I lived through the tumult of the 60's , 70's and 80's. Some of us paid attention as little by little, the secularists began striping away every semblance of decency from society to arrive at what we now see. And if this happened in just 40 to 50 years, i cringe at what is next. I heard a TV evangelist once say that if things continue on this pace without a chastisement, the Lord will have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize. I tend to agree with that.
I grew up in the South. We were insulated for a time from the rapid changes. Now with instant access to all manner of evil, even the South looks like L.A. This rot is deep.
Yeah like it has been said before. There is no limit, but as far as next, I would say its between pedophilia and polygamy with incest as a distant second to both of those.
Whatever is next, I'm sure it will be worse than anything we can imagine.  This is not hyperbole either.
I hope whats next is God stomps DC to soldering dust...ala Sodom and Gomorrah
(03-27-2013, 09:07 PM)JoeVoxxPop Wrote: I hope whats next is God stomps DC to soldering dust...ala Sodom and Gomorrah

I could say I hope that too but my own sins are so great in number and in gravity I fear to...
Euthanasia, rationing of health care, pres obongo has already said as much when talking about the health care bill way back when.......
Has anybody actually been following the case as it's argued? I have and I was quite surprised that Justices Ginsberg and Sotomayor, two of the most liberal members of the Court, have been asking questions like, 'If we strike down Prop 8, where does it stop?' I'm not at all sure they're going to give the SSM crowd what they want.

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