Holy Week Retreat
Every year I always say I need a REALLY good Lent (or Advent), and I'm always disappointed in myself for not having as good of a preparation for Easter or Christmas as I should have made.

This year the feeling has been worse than most.  Because of a co-worker's needing to be gone last weekend when I would normaly have been off, I end up having Holy Thurs. through Holy Sat. off, working Easter Sunday (there is an evening Mass I can attend; I am thankful for that as many parishes cancel their Sun. evening Mass on Easter because of the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday).

At the last minute I found there was room for me to attend a Men's Holy Week Retreat in Spokane starting this evening through Sat. afternoon.  I am eaving for that right now.  Please pray for my having a holy retreat and a good preparation to celebrate Easter.

Thank you and I'll be praying for all the fish eaters while I'm away.
:)  :pray2:
I know how you feel.

:pray: for a good retreat.
Thank you per_passionem_eius, cgraye, and Richard C for your prayers.  It was a great blessing and mercy to me.

While one should (in fact, must) shut out the world during a retreat I needed to check the phone early this morning, having an elderly mother (91), and couldn't resist the temptation to peek at the forum  :grin: .  During the private prayer time following the first morning conference I offered a Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) for your personal intentions and in thanksgiving for your prayers.

The retreat was excellent, and I'll post a short note in the Pig Roast Forum about it.

Again, thank you.

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