Jesus died for us; we ought to live and die for Him.
There is a new Catholic Audiobook available for those who are interested, I have taken excerpts from the Writings of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri on the Passion of Christ.  I hope to post each day on each chapter in anticipation of Easter and  Low Sunday (and/or) Feast of Divine Mercy.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Fourth chapter.

"St. Augustine says that Jesus Christ, having first given his life for us, has bound us to give our life for him; and, further, that when we go to the Eucharistic table to communicate, as we go to feed there upon the body and blood of Jesus Christ, we ought also, in gratitude, to prepare for him the offering of our blood and of our life, if there is need for us to give either of them for his glory."

and also

"He shall be a sign which shall be spoken against ; for Jesus Christ was set up as a sign, against which were hurled all the calumnies, the injuries, and the insults which the Jews devised against him. And this sign is spoken against not only by the Jews of the present day, who deny him to be the Messiah, but by those Christians who ungratefully return his love with offences, and by neglecting his commands."

You can listen or read  the Chapter here

You can click on this link to download all nine chapters of the Audiobook,

God Bless!   

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