Lets Not Forget.
Now that we're all up in arms about Pope Francis' liturgical style, lets not forget....

[Image: 1523300_c1ef_625x1000.jpg]

[Image: Sept2Loreto3a.jpg]

[Image: benedetto180801bf27ecbo1.jpg]

[Image: pope_installation.jpg]

[Image: 411_Ratz1.jpg]

[Image: 2011124936gaudete_pope_big_1_cropped_this_one.jpg]

I swear, it was as if Marini (I) was doing it on purpose just to tick the Holy Father off lol.

Look. We've seen much worse: we've had alter girls, bare chested tribal women, interpretive dance, multicolored-dream copes, tie-dyed liturgical vestments, you name it, if it's tacky, chances are it was paraded at a papal Mass at one point.

So I guess my point is, why are trads expressing such deep shock and despair about the Holy Father including women in the mandatum rite?

Was it terrible that the Holy Father disregarded liturgical law here? Yeah... But lets keep things in perspective: (1) this was a minor rite (and it's optional) , and (2) we've seen much worse and still the liturgical movement has survived.

So keep the faith guys  - or at least try not to make all of us trads look like despairing lunatics (the world is watching).
That was the old Marini (Pierro) who was John Paul II's master of ceremonies. There wasn't any of that after Guido Marini became MC.
That first pic has been colorized.  The crosses on his pallium are blue (or is it supposed to be purple? I'm slightly color blind.).  Also, his ring is blue.  In reality, that is the same ensemble he's wearing in the latter picture, the one in all gold.  Tacky perhaps, but even tackier to colorize it.

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