Nightmarish new disease
Have you ever tried hydrogen peroxide on the lesion?  It kills bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses.  Or try Closys, which has chlorine dioxide.  It is a mouth wash I just read about.  Chlorine dioxide is good antiseptic.  We use it in industrial applications to kill parasites and bacteria.
James, I don't have lesions. Thank God for that. I have other symptoms but not that one. Not everyone gets them and no one knows why yet. It may have to do with the strength of the person's immune system or it may be a symptom of a more advanced disease state or maybe neither of those. In any case, morgellons lesions aren't caused by bacteria or germs and can take weeks or months to heal. H2O2 and other preparations have no real effect on them.
(04-28-2011, 06:04 PM)tinwhistle Wrote: Donna,
thanks for the suggestion; I'll look into it the samento.  I've read that D vitamins are very important in the treatment of morgellons; I take a double dose of multi vitamins and have added supplements slowly but have not added D yet. I'm considering beginning a TCM regimen; it seems the safest of a the treatment options out there right now and there are positive reports.   

That's really good you're working on re-building the nutritional front. "Food is medicinal" as they say. Whole-food supplements are what I vastly prefer. Forgive me, I haven't read enough to know, what is TCM?

This is a good D3 gel-cap. Srolling down the page gives all the particulars, plus shows a higher quantity package

Keep us updated.  :pray2:
Sorry; TCM is Traditional Chinese Medicine. No pharma.
Good for you!

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