Getting at weight loss from a different point of view
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I wouldn't mind re-opening a discussion on weight loss as I have struggled with it for most of my life.  I am currently 310 pounds on a 5 ft 6 frame.

I know it is not healthy and have tried different things.

I tried the WeighDown workshop years ago and succeeded in losing 80 pounds!  But I couldn't deal with the openly anti-Catholic ideologoy of the lady running the program.  We would really get into it.  SHe would also have me in tears or "beating myself up" if I didn't lose any weight that week b/c I "wasn't being obedient to God"  and  "didn't love Him because I wasn't obeying Him" and "risking Hell".  WHile all of that may have been true, it was the way she did it.  I couldn't handle it and left.

Within a year I had regained all my weight.

I have also been part of a group called Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. 

No flour, no sugar at all for the rest of your life.  I HAD to read their materials, wasn't allowed to read my own spiritual books and materials for prayer and such.  While I succeeded in losing 60 plus pounds, I could not stay with it.

I have looked at both programs and realized that accountability is what I need, but both places were very controlling and toxic for me because of certain things in my background.  They may work for others, but I would never recommend WeighDown because of it's protestant ideology and the fact they now use it as a recruiting tool for their "church" which is almost cultish.

I have considered Weight Watchers, but can't afford the monthly fee currently.

There is a Catholic program called the Light Weigh that is very steeped in the saints and good Catholic theology and thought.  SOme of us tried to start our won group and failed because we were all struggling with the same thing.  We could have used someone who was a strong leader or who had been successful with the program to help motivate us in the beginning.
I found this woman's blog inspiring:

Hasn't gotten me anywhere yet but I like her style.  I recently purchased a treadmill so that I could get regularly walking in even when it's hot.  I haven't lost anything yet but I feel alot better.

Have you had a work-up done by an endocrinologist Mater?  You may want to rule out thyroid troubles, and regular doctors don't always find it.

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