New Heavens and Earth--what's the New Life like?
In the beginning, it seems to me that Adam and Eve were content in tending the garden in which God placed them.

This has made me wonder though.  Does life after the Resurrection and the New Earth reflect this? 

Growing up Protestant, the emphasis is greatly on simply "heaven".  And this is seen as anything from peaceful souls, to being in church choir all the time, to the New Jerusalem as described in the Bible, to a more carnal paradise.

When everything is remade, do we have tasks similar to Adam and Eve?  If that's the case, how is it possible that we do daily tasks while being completely focused and united on God?

I suppose that by doing God's will and perfectly loving our neighbor, with our renewed intellect and will, we will be able to be in communion with God and neighbor simultaneously, while doing random tasks.  However, I was curious if any doctors or saints paint a better picture of this.  Thank you.
The new Heaven and Earth have always turned my imagination on. My line is God is the Creator and He made us in His image and likeness so we are makers. We need the Earth to do what we are. Specific Angels and not all are worshiping at the Throne of God, and we'd be in their way, so the cloud and harp scenario is pius
story telling. I don't think the story ends when Christ returns. I believe it's a new day and there will be missions for us. What I don't know but why a new Heaven and Earth if we are the choir ?


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