How a food review is done!
:LOL: We should all enjoy our food so much! (Don't click if fast food makes you queasy)

changed my mind
Five Guys burgers are actually quite good. It's unfair to call them fast food. You do have to wait for them to be prepared and brought to you ... Not like McDonald's, where they might very well be pulling your order out of a box in the attic and dusting it off before sticking it in the bag.
One thing I appreciate about Five Guys is that you can look over the counter and watch them cooking your food so you can see if they're wearing gloves (they were at the place I went to) or if they lick their fingers before handling the cheese.  The burger itself was much, much better than any other fast food that I've had.  The fries were not, in my opinion, great, but they were good enough to finish.
Five Guys is way too expensive.

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