Card. Kasper, VII Documents-Admits to intentional compromise
Hmm. Interesting.

Just today, having not read this report, I was conducting myself in a menial task and thinking on the very issue of Vatican II.

My line of thought was, "if Vatican II was called to clarify Church teaching, and attempted this in an absolutely ambiguous manner, how did the Council think this would work? Furthermore, if the Council must be read in light of Tradition, to read it one would need to know Tradition. Thus, there is no reason for its calling, as to read its documents one would need to know the very thing which it is attempting to teach. To read the documents without the light of Tradition is asking the world to read in darkness, and would by default, excepting infused knowledge, lead to an erroneous reading-- thus failing at the objective."

It seems to me that either

1) the objective and method to reach it were flawed, indeed moronic
2) the objective and method was to unteach and purposeful, thus evil

I cannot see men with degrees coming out the wazoo being party to #1, unless it was a case of grandpa trying to use last year's slang with this year's kids. Still, I don't see it.

I cannot see the Holy Spirit in #2, except as a mitigating factor. Ambiguity is not error, per se. But in the men, I see much malice if 2 is the case. To date, I've yet to see the wording of Vatican II really shown as continuous with Tradition on virtually everything it covers. Superficially, it's contradictory. If addressing the world for "clarification", superficial wording is key. the world doesn't pick apart linguistic nuance and delve into umpteen footnotes to understand the use of the word "is", etc.

Otherwise, with #1, Belloc's assertion of the Church as an institution came to bear an entire Council and more document pages than all councils previously held combined:
"an institute run with such knavish imbecility that if it were not the work of God it would not last a fortnight." Indeed.

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