Card. Kasper, VII Documents-Admits to intentional compromise
I don't quite understand why Kasper's remarks are considered such news as Cardinal Dulles made similar remarks in 2003 and also called the ambiguities "deliberate":

"The council fathers, under the direction of Pope Paul VI, made every effort to achieve unanimity and express the consensus of the whole episcopate, not the ideas of one particular school. For this reason, they sought to harmonize differing views, without excluding any significant minority. In some cases they adopted deliberate ambiguities."

As I recall Paul VI also referred to ambiguities in the texts shortly after the council and warned of the troubles they could cause but lately I am having trouble locating  his remarks. But having grown up under Vatican II in the USA the main problem I saw was that the so called "progressives" did not twist the words of the council so much as they pretended the council said things it never in fact said. I think they pretty much followed what Pope Benedict called "the council of the media."


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