Card. Kasper, VII Documents-Admits to intentional compromise
Quote:Having grown up under Vatican II in the USA the main problem I saw was that the so called "progressives" did not twist the words of the council so much as they pretended the council said things it never in fact said.
Exactly. The problem is not really the ambiguities (though I don't think they are harmless), but those who use the Council as an excuse for their apostasy. For example, anyone who's even glanced and Lumen Gentium can remember that it says "The Roman Pontiff has full, supreme, and universal power over the Church, and he is always free to exercise this power."(Council of Trent-clarity here!) Forgive me if I say this is Vatican II being perfectly clear.  But heretics like Gary Wills pretend that Vatican II transferred sovereignty of the Church to the laity; the Church is now a "democracy". This view is understandably popular and has infected American Catholicism's ecclesiology in awful ways - in some ways the worst when it has not quite gotten to outright heresy but a quiet and subtle poison.

And such examples could be multiplied endlessly.

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