Card. Kasper, VII Documents-Admits to intentional compromise
What I found interesting about this when it was first brought to my attention was that this was not a traditionalist admitting to this/bringing this to our attention....which I found odd.  So I asked myself, why would someone who adores Vatican II make this admission?  Being the suspicious person that I am, lol, I figured there had to be a reason for this.  If one reads the Cardinal's words carefully, it seems to me that he was admitting compromises, etc. but that the reason they happened was because the "minority" didn't want to go along with the way things were worded, etc. originally.  So, effectively, his admission is not to put down VII, but to place blame on the "minority".....and we all know who the minority is, don't we? 

So, you see, if it weren't for the traditionalist Cardinals making a stink about what was put in there in the first place, these documents would be clear!!  Completely in error, but clear!!

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