The Angelus Press article on vaccinations
Did anyone see this?  I heard they're working on getting it on line but it's not there yet.
BTW, I'd love to not have this thread degenerate into a "vaccines are from the devil" vs. a "Vaccines are a godsend" thread but that's probably not it? :)
I saw it. I got it in my email from Children of God For Life. They are the same group that worked tirelessly on behalf of Terri Schiavo.
I haven't had time to read it carefully yet. It is on my "to do" list though. I seem to remember seeing some errors in it, though. Maybe a letter to the editor is in order. I hope I still have it in my email folder.
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I've read the sspx article and have read also the vatican's response to cog for life.  they reach different conclusions re: the permissibility of using vaccines against rubella that were derived from aborted fetal lines, in that the cooperation with evil is remote enough.  in all other respects they essentially agree.  to the extent they disagree, we are of course to follow the vatican's interpretation.  the vatican does state clearly that the faithful have an obligation to oppose these vaccines by all possible means, and also that refusing to accept them is laudable and allowed.  it differs only to the the extent that due to the danger of rubella, one could accept the vaccination and is in effect coerced to do so.  i imagine chicken pox vaccine would not be allowed due to the lack of appropriate danger if contracted.

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