Women to Control Vatican !

Go Papa Go !
Why women?
Agreed.  Why women?  Also, why is this good? 

I can't see how appointing lay women to top jobs at various diocese around the country has gone particularly well.  In fact, it has been pretty crappy all around and has served to create the class of people we have come to know as Professional Catholics.  As such, I fail to see how this is going to work out to wonderfully in the Vatican. 
I think Papa is planning to flush the "fruits of VII" out of the Vatican with women !

Seriously though, I have no idea anymore. I'm beginning to think it best to simply ignore it all and just be orthodox as possible and practice the Faith.

It's all starting to look like a cartoon.
Oh, and applicants must Tango ! Others need not apply !
HK is going to love this.
Could someone copy the whole article?  The link I see ends with this sentence:

Quote:“What we’ve seen during this month and the reactions of the whole world have conveyed hope to millions of the faithful and brought

Then it makes you subscribe to see the whole thing.  So I'm still not sure what this is all about.
I'm not sure I need to read the rest.
Hate to break the news to those who said he was flushing out the fruits with woman, many of these "professional" catholic woman in chanceries are lesbian including the sisters.
If they are in the mold of Mother Angelica I'd be happy. 

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