Go to Hell
The newest video of Michael Voris is here.

He talks about spiritual warfare and Satan's ever persistent plan of destroying the Catholic Church
So he doesn't think the pro-sodomites in the Church are fully aware of who their "father" is?

In the conversion thread (it's not called that, it's the PJ2=Saint thread, but has gone off-topic a bit), we're speaking of how those worshiping a different god than God (one who will come make warfare to save a specific race of people, vs our God) have to break through their upbringings (no easy feat!) to search and discover God, the real God, for themselves. It seems strange to me that So Many Converts with little-to-no theological training can by the grace of God find the Church and love God, but supposed seminary-trained clerics who become a Catholic cleric or religious by trade can't see the True God. Come on now, if you go to seminary and supposedly pray all the time, visit the sick, offer Mass, all in the name of the Church, there is no excuse whatsoever to preach a different Gospel (ie, support Liberation Theology, abortions, women's ordination, clowns, worshiping Mother Earth, questioning "historical Jesus", and mostly imagining that sodomy or ANY form of adultery is a human right). No, these clerics weren't "tricked" or "fooled"; they CHOSE Satan with their eyes wide open, knowing what they were doing, and being stumbling blocks as + Jesus (and his holy apostles) prophesied millennia ago.

I'll disagree with Voris on that: these "Catholic clergy" aren't "fooled" by Satan; they LOVE humanism (Satanism), and humanity as is (that's why they don't take Confessions). When you hear a priest say that we've bred our own great science that we might "earn" living forever (via science), and that THAT'S the eternal life we're conditionally promised, don't let yourself be fooled by a collar. Seriously, Satanism isn't just wild monsters and demons; it's at best in the belief of the goodness of the human race. The Lord rebuke them all.

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