Multiple sclerosis
I just saw this! I have a personal friend who was diagnosed with MS in her 20s. She got second opinions, etc., so there's little doubt that, at least according to the doctors, she had the disease. She believes that she cured herself with diet. I make no claims. All I know is that now she's a healthy, beautiful woman in her early 40s with a successful real estate business.

Here is her story, along with a fairly detailed description of her suggested regimen:
Hey, thanks.
Just read the story.
I am sorry to hear about this cross your husband has been given.  I pray he will have good health and overcome the condition as best he can, and also that he will gain many graces from this.

I know a few people with MS all of whom are doing well.  I worked with one lady in college at a health-food store who had MS, but said she had been relatively free of symptoms for years because of good nutrition.

My advice is to seek out a Naturopathic Physician (the kind that graduated from naturopathic medical school) to work in conjunction with an M.D. (preferably one who practices "Integrative Medicine," ie the combination of traditional and modern methods of medicine).

God bless!

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