Multiple sclerosis
(05-23-2013, 12:49 PM)Scotus Wrote: Here is a summary of Dr Patrick Kingsley's diagnosis of 'MS culprits':
Quote:So what causes did I find to be playing a part in patients' MS symptoms?  

I) Individual food intolerances
II) Toxic metals such as mercury and lead
III) Toxic chemicals such as pesticides and some added to foods including MSG and aspartame
IV) Nutritional deficiencies, especially of vitamin B12, magnesium and vitamin D (one Canadian researcher believes that MS will one day be redefined as a vitamin D deficiency disease)
V) Infections such as the chicken pox/shingles virus, fungi such as candida species and many others including chlamydia
VI) The usual forms of stress
VII) Geopathic stress
VIII) Occasionally drugs and some supplements causing imbalances
IX) Social poisons such as cigarette smoke and alcohol
X) Root canal fillings, especially old ones
XI) Temporo-mandibular joint imbalances
XII) Hormonal imbalances
XIII) A struggling immune system
XIV) The functioning of your bowel or leaky gut syndrome  

Kingsley, Dr. Patrick (2011-11-13). The New Medicine (Kindle Locations 6835-6854). Abaco Publishing. Kindle Edition.

You may find this helpful or you may not, but I am aware that Dr Kingsley (now retired) treated over 9,000 patients with MS with a good rate of success.

First,  :pray: for Tx2step and her husband, that God will guide them to a successful management of this condidtion, and in any event provide them with the grace and peace to accept the outcome.

I know or know of several people with MS and have seen a whole range of differing progressions among them.  I don't have any helpful resources to provide but I would share an anecdote related to point # IV from the resource Scotus provided.

My parish has "circle suppers" every January - April; small groups of parishioners, in our case 8, meet at someone's home for dinner; a nice way to enjoy interesting and good food and to become better acquainted.  One of the guests at a dinner this year, whose house I had been at for one of these dinners a couple of years ago, is a professor and scientist in the biological sciences at Washington State University.  I had noted earlier that he has a "bit of a hitch" in his gait.  During the dinner the topic of what he was working on came up.  His academic background was primarily in physics, with post doctoral work in biochemistry.  The focus of his research is in the area of how DNA repairs itself.  I learned that over time our DNA gradually slows in the rate of repair, which is part of the natural ageing process.  For some people this phenomena occurs earlier in life and / or at an accelerated rate, which is believed to be associated with some disease conditions.  He also disclosed that he has MS (the cause of the "hitch in his gait"); I don't remember how long he has known of his condition but I believe it was diagnosed a few years ago.  He said that the only theraphy he has required is taking large doses of Vitamin D, which seems to be abating the condtion so far.  He was born and raised in northern Minnessota and said that there appears to be a correlation between the latitude where one was born and raised and the incidence of MS, "suggesting" (being a good scientist he said this theory is still very "hypothetical") a correlation between the amount of sunlight (i.e., Vitamin D) that one receives during their very early developmental years and a propensity to developing MS.

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