Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
Hello Everyone.

It is me again, and today I would like to share with you a story about a MAN who have decided to walk on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem - but he lives in Sweden, almost 3100 miles away!!!
Still, he was firm to do it so we started his journey last November and last week he had arrived to Jerusalem - I meet him on his last station before reaching Jerusalem - the Village of Abu Ghosh and I documented this last part of his journey in a video - So please click this link: http://jerusalemexperience.com/tour/pilg...jerusalem/

Please do not forget to leave your comment below the Video.

With Blessing from Jerusalem

Another famous pilgrimage on foot was by Hilaire Belloc (The Path to Rome), who started from southeastern France.  I don't think it was anywhere as close as the 3100 miles hiked by Jorgen Nilsson mentioned in the link.  Did Nilsson have to cross the Alps? 

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