My positive experience (Deo Gratias!)
So today is the 2nd Sunday of the month meaning we get the TLM at 5.30pm in a Church 10 miles away which is really nice. Not ideal... the priest is old and uses a hand missal for prayers, loses his place and it's all over within 15-20 minutes however it's still the old Mass and he's a good priest just old now. So I am thankful.

Anyway so I went to Church got there at 4.30 to pray and say a Rosary. Usual Priest isn't there. By 5pm I see a young priest walking in. I hear talking in the sacristy and mentioning of not putting out the altar cards and getting a reader. I thought to myself "Ohhh great, some young modern priest has come to bring us some kind of TLM/Novus Ordo hybrid that is just great". I get asked to serve by the sacristan and ask what kind of Mass it is. "Traditional" she says. I ask, "1962 or...?" and she says "No, Latin Mass". I knew what that meant so I said sorry and fortunately another chap arrived to serve. I was in a very bad mood by this point ready to storm out when I got a hybrid liturgy.

So 5.30 comes and I am calmer after praying, and I ask the Lord to help me remember the sermon on expectations and that at the very least I must stay to fulfill my Sunday obligation in some way since I cannot just dispense myself willy-nilly. The Priest comes in wearing a nice chasuble and stole and maniple which surprised me. He got up to the lectern and said "Fr L is sick, and I am not quite ready to say the EF, so today it will be the OF and I hope you are all okay with that". I warmed to it because it wasn't hybrid and because he was humble and young and his words indicated that he was learning the old Mass.

So I had the new Mass in Latin, ad orientem, and with only the server saying the responses (save a few murmurings of 'Et cum spiritu tuo' here and there). I must say... it wasn't half bad. That sounds patronizing but it's true. It was alright. I really could deal with that for the rest of my life. It's not the TLM. It has it's faults (still had a lay women read the first two scriptures and a responsorial psalm sigh) but it is 70% of the way there. It was done reverently and by the end of it I was actually feeling quite filled with grace. 

So that was part one of my positive experience - and all thanks to Our Lady reminding me about the sermon on expectations. But it gets even better!

After Mass I wanted to thank the priest. So I went into the sacristy, kissed his hand and introduced myself and said thank you so much Father that was beautiful. We got talking. When I mentioned I was a traddy he seemed to open up a lot. He couldn't be over 32 years old if you ask me (he was recently ordained). Anyway this is what he told me (in no particular order):

1. He is learning the old Mass and can just about say it but because he respects the Rite so much he wants a trained/experienced 'EF Priest' to watch him to make sure he does it correctly.
2. He wants to say the new Mass on Latin etc with all the bells and smells as a means of getting people back to real piety and basically back to tradition in the liturgy
3. He loves tradition, hates modernism
4. Most of his co-seminarians feel the exact same way.

I left feeling on top of the world. This was a good priest. Young, energetic, enthused, and totally traditional. He was educated in a Diocesan seminary but said despite some of it's failures he thinks its okay and he turned out well enough. I am so hopeful now. I really made a mistake thinking what I thought. May God have mercy on me. I was being an angry-trad with expectations. Great young priest and may he have many years serving Our Lord faithfully. Seems that things are turning around, even if slowly.

Anyway, thanks be to God for this Sunday. Yes, thanks be to God even for this New Mass I attended (but please Lord bless me with an old Mass parish if You deign it!)
God can make a priest anywhere, anytime under any circumstance He wants. Looks like that to me.

Quote:4. Most of his co-seminarians feel the exact same way.

That's fantastic!
This post makes me smile.
(05-12-2013, 06:24 PM)LongfellowDeeds Wrote: This post makes me smile.

A young priest who will say the Traditional Latin mass as often as he can and the Novus Ordo in Latin as a means of leading people to the Traditional Latin Mass?
That sounds like a pretty good strategy for a restoration. I guess there is hope here and there....
Thanks for sharing.

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