Lose Poundsd at McDonalds?
Unfortunately I only receive Holy Communion at Easter.(OK let's hear it-what kinda Catholic are ya, anyway...) Too many other things-wine included-cause migranes. The preservative on the lettuce is not required to be listed according to the FDA. I don't take risks-so yeah, I AM picking on McDonald's. But then, not a single member of my family has NOT been made sick eating there. Ah, well. If it works for you, go for it.
something went wrong with my last post i think. it should have said something along the lines of i was pretty sure he ate only mcd's in one part (cos there's two separate experiments and i forget which was first and which was last) but its been awhile since i have seen it so i couuld be mistaken. i will watch it again and get back to you.

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