"Extreme Traditionalism" on Catholic Radio
Just a heads up:

Today, Friday, May 31, Catholic Answers Live (on EWTN Radio) will air a 2-hour program devoted to "Extreme Traditionalism."

Hosted by Patrick Coffin. I think Tim Staples is the guest.

The show airs 3pm to 5pm California time, 6pm to 8pm EDT.

Oh, boy. This oughta be interesting.
I will let others listen before I do. Seriously I am afraid of exploding when I hear something they say. If it's about sede's or crunchies then fine, but I have a feeling it's gonna be about those who "go against the pope and say the EF is better than the OF" etc etc.

I have a very strong feeling, based on announcements leading up to this in the past, that it will be about sedes and the SSPX.
I think all of us should listen with both ears. This is like a bonus points deal, we get to hear what the George Weigel types are thinking. Stay calm and pay attention we don't know now but later we can make our observations.

Will be interesting. Hopefully they have something to add to the discussion.
It's advertised on the front page of the Catholic Answers website. It's actually called "Radical Traditionalism."


You can listen to it LIVE via the website or listen to it later when they archive it.
We should use this as a running commentary thread when the show starts, or else start a new thread for that purpose when the time comes.

For CAF, "radical traditionalism" means anything beyond merely preferring the "ordinary form" while still believing VCII was the best thing since sliced bread.
(05-31-2013, 09:00 AM)hbaldauf Wrote: We should use this as a running commentary thread when the show starts

I wish you guys would! If you do, please use this thread. Unfortunately, since I don't have a computer at home (I'm writing this from work :blush:) I won't be able to participate. I'll be listening to my radio this evening at home. Maybe I could stay after hours but I don't really want to. I will check back tomorrow morning. I work Saturdays.
Radio show will probably go something like this:

Catholic Answers Hosts are the French...Trads are the Britons

I'm sure this will fuel some conversation after the show....  :popcorn:

When I met Staples at the CAF office, the look on his face was priceless when I informed him about how much I love the Latin mass after he informed me that he loves the fact the New Mass can be understood by all (we are both converts). It was rich! So I have no doubt that there will be a little bit of "many trads claim the TLM is superior to to the NO...."

Coffin and Staples boss, Keating, has been going to the FSSP parish regularly as of late, so I don't think the criticism will go much past sedes and the SSPX. But, who knows. CAF tries hard to be all things in apologetics. When it comes to sedes, the few times they let them talk on the radio, the sedes make some hay and then they get cut off. It's a subject that CAF is out of their depth in.


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