"Extreme Traditionalism" on Catholic Radio
They just totally lied about the SSPX's position on EENS, BOD and BOB. Abp. Lefebvre's position, and that of the Society, is very clearly written in Abp. Lefebvre's "Open Letter to Confused Catholics". Heck, they totally slay Feeneyism on the Society's webpage!

What are these dudes rambling about? They obviously don't even know doctrinal positions of the Society, so how can they even attempt to talk about those positions in a condemnatory manner to ignorant, lay faithful?
(05-31-2013, 06:28 PM)Clare Brigid Wrote: Loggats, we both posted that at the same time.  Great minds.

:LOL: it was too good to miss!

So far it's a bit bleak... I'm no great fan of the SSPX, but this isn't so much a discussion as a prolonged SSPX-bashing.
Did not JPII say the Orthodox were close to us? How close is close? Lots of misrepresentation, but it sounded like Tim tried to "correct himself" after the first break.

Will the question of what the problem is about VII and the New Mass be addressed? We shall see....
This "the mass was revised" stuff is bunkum. Comme le prevoit encouraged a radical transformation of the way we read a text and the errors were so obvious that Lit Authenticam had to be introduced. And even that hasn't really been sufficient (though it's a vast improvement). Bah.
The Mass is substantially the same? It's just the revised?? Is he kidding?
This is a joke.....
The question the caller should've asked is "is the Old Covenant still in effect".
They should change the title to Non-Catholic Answers.
This is turning into 2 hours wasted that I'll never get back.....

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