"Lord of the World" (Msgr.Robert Hugh Benson) is available online
It can also be found as a free download for ipads.

But here it is online:
It (and most of his other works) are also available for free at Amazon Knidle store, as well.
Very good book, and quite prophetic. I would also recommend reading the companion book that he wrote called The Dawn of All which is supposed to be an inversion of Lord of the World. In my opinion, The Dawn of All is actually the more interesting of the two books and is also available online.
The thing I find most interesting about Lord of the World is the total lack of any wholesale sellout of the faith on the part of the heirarchy. The pope is still pronouncing condemnations even if no one is listening. The idea that the pope would conform himself to the modern world just never seems to even be a possibility for Benson. Certain priests betraying the faith, sure, but not an apostasy that would start from the top.

Granted you could say that maybe his book is truly at the end of the world, and that our time is not actually the end of the world. (Fatima, etc.) And that that is how it will be like then - a strong pontiff.
This is a most excellent book, I agree.

However, Chi, you seem to be implying two problematic ideas here:

1. That the pope in LOW is a strong man. The truth is that in the novel, at least as a priest before he becomes pope, this character has SERIOUS doubts about the faith, and can even be said to become weak in the faith for a time.

2. That our current pope has somehow conducted a "wholesale sellout of the faith". You refer to this somewhat vaguely as applicable to our times. But the pope has done no such thing, nor did his predecessor. If this is your implication, it is asinine. Popes come and go, and recent popes have had their stronger and their weaker points; but none effected a wholesale sellout of the faith. No such thing has taken place, and Our Lady did not say this at Fatima either. She did say that the Holy Father would have much to suffer, which is, of course, very different.

Somehwere in the blogosphere I thought I read, by the way, that this novel is the favourite of Pope Francis. WHen I heard that, I thought, "if this is is true, there is no way he can screw this up."

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