any good book on medieval times?
I was wondering if there are any good books on medieval times, most specifically the cultural aspects regarding the times. I am skepticle about a lot of books dealing with this subject because many of them have things against the church. I would like to know if there are any good books that are friendly towards the Catholic Church and actually portray the reality of the times and not the exaggerated claims made about the crusades and the inquisition.

I am already reading Thomas E Wood's book How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization. It is a great book :)

I was wondering if there are any others?
Warren H Carroll's books The Building of Christendom and the Glory of Christendom
Old, but still excellent, 'The Thirteent, Greatest of Centuries' by the solidly Catholic, James J. Walsh. Available from Amazon (free for Kindle, if you have one) and available for online reading here:
Out of print, but findable in libraries, is Henri-Daniel Rops, A History of the Church, in ten-ish volumes. The relevant volumes for you would be The Church in the Dark Ages and Cathedral and Crusade, which are very good.
Medieval Technology and Social Change.  Published by Oxford University Press.  It doesn't deal with the Church per se, but gives you a great feel for what was happening in Europe from between 750 -1100.  Another good background book is the Paston Letters. 

Inb4 Harlequin King.
Also old but good. Not specifically Catholic, but IIRC, not blatantly anti-Catholic either. 'The medieval mind; a history of the development of thought emotion in the Middle Ages'.

Available at the internet Archive for Kindle, other e readers and reading online:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Western Europe in the Middle Ages 300-1475 [Paperback]
Brian Tierney (Author), Sidney Painter (Author)

thanks for all these suggestions got a lot of reading to do :)

This book is great......
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This is an interesting read also.............................
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