Anglican more Catholic than Francis
Just in case anybody thinks that Francis is orthodox, compare him with this!

Bet they are glad he's retiring...
I've seen a few Anglicans base arguments against homosexual marriage on the impossibility of consummating such unions. It seems like a pretty good point to me. I wonder why it doesn't seem to have caught on in Catholic circles.
Among trads, the idea *has* caught on. Bishop Paprocki gave exactly such a speech on consummation last month when he went up against Sr. Jeanne Gramick. It's worth downloading and printing. I did!
(06-14-2013, 07:19 PM)John Lane Wrote: Just in case anybody thinks that Francis is orthodox, compare him with this!

I am perplexed. In what way exactly is Pope Francis supposedly less orthodox than Dr Jensen?
Well, let's see.

They are both evangelical/charismatic types.  They both argue against free-market capitalism on the gorund that it tends to oppress the poor.  They both despise excessive liturgical or vestral formality. 

But Jenson's much more profound than Francis.  Who could imagine Francis coming out with something as supernatural and anti-naturalism as this?  "Tolerance, he argues, is a 'frigid virtue', a poor cousin to Christian love which impels people to 'carry each other's burdens.'''  Is that not a profound and profoundly Christian point? 

Who can imagine Francis coming out with a condemnation of sodomitical unions on the ground that they are contrary to nature?  No way.  Yet that is Catholic doctrine.

And the absolute cracker, totally opposed to the very pth of Vatican II, "If he's achieved anything, he says, it has been to 'keep the talk about God alive and well in the public space … so that people are reminded that Jesus Christ is the king of the universe.'"

Christ the King?  Oh my, imagine Francis saying anything like that! 

Dancing around the rules again John ?
one is, for all difficulties, the Vicar of Christ. One is an out and out heretic. That's all there is to it.
Didn't Cardinal Bergoglio tell his priest to oppose same sex marriage because it was an attack of the Satan? Yes he did, and you have no real reason to slam him. Oh and free market capitalism isn't a Church teaching either. The opposite of Communism is not Capitalism, they are twin brothers.

(06-15-2013, 05:02 AM)Whitey Wrote: Dancing around the rules again John ?

I've never danced around the rules, sorry. 

As for what you are intimating, actually I am long past expecting that Catholics connect the papacy and the faith, as they should.  One can call him a heretic all day long (as he evidently is) and nobody would think that this might have any further implications which might be against the rules here!

All that has happened is that I sat down this morning to read the news with my coffee, and saw this article, which amazed me.  It occurred to me that if Francis had said any of these things Rorate Caeli would have an article saying maybe the tide has turned?  That's how low the bar has been dragged these days.

Tim, on sodmitical unions, Francis is on record saying that he favours some kind of civil union, but opposes "marriage".  On capitalism, I agree with them both.  I was just pointing out the similarities these two men have. 

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