[Video] Church attacked by vandals
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Vandals in Shelton targeted a church over the weekend and caused extensive damage to statues inside and around the church, as well as vehicles in the parking lot.

Shelton police said they were sent to St. Margaret Mary Church on Long Hill Avenue on Monday morning and found the damage.

In addition to the smashed religious statues and oil spread over the tables and floors, two vehicles in the parking lot were also vandalized.

Shelton police continue to investigate.

Officials spent Monday cleaning up the damage at the church. Church officials said the damage was costly, but did not give an estimate.

Services are expected to be held this weekend and church officials said they were testing the organ to be sure it was OK. A wedding is scheduled for Saturday.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police at 203-924-1544.

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Sad, but people will come together and fix it quickly. God is good.
Connecticut Yankees, I'd bet. It's disgusting and these incidents are under reported, I've heard on Fox some years ago. The South is rotten with these attacks.

Connecticut Yankees are pro-religious freedom.  This was obviously committed by anti-religious terrorists.
Have a nice day.

I bet Satan rejoiced when this happened because it not only vandalized the church but effects that poor marriage taking place. But God triumphs over evil and the angels will rejoice when services resume. This criminals, I pray, will be discovered and prosecuted.


Their church was wrecked by vandals, and with services quickly coming up this weekend, parishioners in Shelton are scrambling to get things back in shape.

The vandalism happened at St. Margaret Mary Church overnight Monday, where practically every inch of the sacred building was damaged.

A Jesus statue had an arm taken off while pews and carpets soaked with oil.

"Bad people did bad things," said Joseph Messere. "It was very painful for them, very painful for anyone connected to this church."

The damage will run in the tens of thousands of dollars and as the word spread, parishioners turned out in droves.

In the last four days, they've been working at all hours, cleaning the pews and gluing the statues.

"It's brought everyone together," Messere said. "It's great to see everyone to come together this way, it's horrible with what happened, but the results are undeniably better for them."

And they're already ready to worship. The church was reconsecrated just days ago.

Eyewitness News caught up with Father Nello Barachini, who said he was ready to do Friday evening mass.

"I'm sure we'll have a better than normal crowd for an evening mass,"  Barachini said.

The 50-year-old church has been a staple on Long Hill Avenue. One thousand families are members of the church and through this tragedy, they're finding blessings.

"We have seen a resurgence," Barachini said. "I've seen a number of people who dropped out of the parish come back."

Police are following leads, but no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police at 203-924-1544.

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Well, I'll be, fancy somebody wrecking the interior of a Catholic Church before getting final approval from the bishop! 

Appalling timing.
I'm resurrecting this thread to report that a few days ago the outside of our church was desecrated. The vandals sprayed the church and rectory with devil symbols, swatstickas (sp?) and profanity. My apartment building next to the church was also vandalized, as were a few cars and street signs on neighborhood streets.  We didn't think we'd get the dark red paint off the century-old limestone from Germany, but water, chemicals, and the bleach from the sun did the trick. It's all gone. Thanks be to God.

Today the vandals were caught. Two men in their mid thirties, living right across the street from the church. White supremisists, belonging to a group called Aryan Brotherhood. They spray-painted the initials "AB" all along their trail which led to their capture. =) 
Their intelligence was a fitting tribute to their race. (Tongue in cheek.) Glad to hear they were caught.

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