New Audiobook Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
There is a new audiobook availble for the Month of June on Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  This audio-book is an abridgment of “The Ideal of Reparation,” a great book on reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, published shortly after WWI, but who’s message is even more urgent today than it was then.  We have abridged the book because of its length, editing out certain sections that were directed mainly at religious and priests, and other sections which would have appealed more to a French reader after WWI than today.

You can download the entire abridged Audiobook here

Chapter 1 With a transcript is also availble if you would like to listen to or read it in parts.. here is one of my favorite sections from the first Chapter.

"The whole Christ consists of Himself the Head, plus ourselves, His Mystical Body. Our intimate union with His Life explains why our Lord has associated us so closely with His work of Redemption.
Yet, as we have said, our Saviour could have perfectly accomplished it alone. He does not need us to add to His merits, but He wills to make use of us, that He may increase ours. He is the Christ; we Christians are each of us alter Christus ” another Christ.” We must work together. The Redemption will only be brought about by the will of our Saviour the first Christ, and of all Christians those other Christs. Undoubtedly, His participation and ours differ immeasurably. His has an intrinsic, infinite value and is, of itself, infinitely sufficient. God could have dispensed with our co-operation, but because He loves us, He asks for it.

At the Offertory of the Holy Mass, the priest first puts wine in the chalice. Then, under pain of mortal sin, he has to add a few drops of water. Thus, our Lord s role and ours are symbolised, together with the proportional value of His action and ours. The wine alone would suffice for the validity of the Consecration. Nevertheless, the drops of water must be added, and by the effect of the Divine words of Consecration, they are changed, as well as the wine, into the Precious Blood. Granted, our part in the Redemption of the world is infinitesimally small; what are a few drops of water? But God requires it and He transubstantiates this tiny addition by uniting it with His own offering."

If you wish to read or listen to more here is a link

God Bless!

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