Archbp of Marseille Mgr Pontier, Pdt of the Conference of French bishops, a FM?
Further to the recent dismissal of a french priest of the Annecy diocese because obvious proofs of his belonging to the freemasonry were given after he initially denied it, I just found a confirmation of insisting rumours about the belonging to the FM:. of Mgr Pontier, archbp of Marseille and recently elected president of the Conference of the bishops of France:
These rumours are going around not only among the diocese's faithfuls, but among its clerics, too.
It is highly telling that this controversial man might have been elected to that new post, since freemasons bishops looks to be a lot in the french episcopate.
I fear a  huge scandal if the Vatican will not recommend him to retire within few for "diplomatic" reasons to be agreed beforehand.

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