The WYD altar that Pope Francis will be using...
Let me officiallly retract my Masonic description, and insert Modernism. Fair enough?
Definitely informed by Modernism, yes.
(06-23-2013, 03:36 AM)StCeciliasGirl Wrote: Yes, I do fear I'm raising kids that are "medieval thinkers", but I'd rather that than other options.

Sounds like you're raising them correctly to me.
World Youth Day seems to be centered around a fear that if they don't do everything they can to make the Church look hip and relevant to today's youth, that they'll stop going to Mass.
As a poster's signature says on CAF, "Modernity is old-fashioned."
(06-23-2013, 03:36 AM)StCeciliasGirl Wrote: But it is precisely for that reason, that the children are our future, that I think WYD should be killed off, and kids should be shown the beauty of being reverent at Mass, know what to do and why they're doing it, and so forth.

To be fair, I've never seen a WYD in person — Mom thought it was  :censored: so that was out ;) I've just seen pictures and some video. I guess I just don't get it. (Fortunately, neither do my kids :thumb: My guys didn't identify WYD as "Catholic", in fact, until they saw a procession of some sort.) Yes, I do fear I'm raising kids that are "medieval thinkers", but I'd rather that than other options.

All I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with youth groups, youth organizations, or ginormous gatherings of youth from around the world to celebrate Mass, sing songs and celebrate being Catholic.  You can do this without a liturgical mess.  It is sad that there are so many aesthetic nighmares that go on, but I don't think this is a problem specifically with WYD but with the fact that most priests and most bishops have been warped by modernism and the bad taste and bad theology that comes with it.  

My wife and I went to WYD with the Catholic boys' school where I was teaching at the time.  I was one of the chaperones and I can't tell you how many comments I heard from the students about how 'gay' the music was, etc.  During out tour of Cologne we stumbled upon a beautiful old Church where Juventutem was celebrating a Latin Mass and the boys all wanted to stay, even though they had already been to a NO that morning and it wasn't on the itinerary.  I remember one student asked, "Why can't we just go back to this?" as the priest leading our group hurried us along.
How can we judge an altar we can't see ?

Those images on RC aren't even photos.

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