The "23rd" Psalm: A Catechesis on the Sacraments

Interesting! I came across an article about the "23rd Psalm" -- the 22nd to us Douay people. In the Douay, it reads:

Quote:The Lord ruleth me: and I shall want nothing. He hath set me in a place of pasture. He hath brought me up, on the water of refreshment: He hath converted my soul. He hath led me on the paths of justice, for his own name' s sake.For though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they have comforted me. Thou hast prepared a table before me against them that afflict me. Thou hast anointed my head with oil; and my chalice which inebriateth me, how goodly is it! And thy mercy will follow me all the days of my life. And that I may dwell in the house of the Lord unto length of days.

(It's still weird, after all these years, to see how it reads in the Douay after having been raised nominally Prot and sent to a Protestant "Bible school" type place for K-5  -- neverminding all the cross-stichings of this Psalm hanging on walls all over this country, and little plaques and stuff LOL)

Anyway, here's an article about how that Psalm is a mini-catechesis on the Sacraments:

The Knox Bible translation:

Psalm 22 (23)

1 (A psalm. Of David.)

The Lord is my shepherd; how can I lack anything? 2 He gives me a resting-place where there is green pasture, leads me out to the cool water’s brink, refreshed and content. 3 As in honour pledged, by sure paths he leads me; 4 dark be the valley about my path, hurt I fear none while he is with me; thy rod, thy crook are my comfort. 5 Envious my foes watch, while thou dost spread a banquet for me; richly thou dost anoint my head with oil, well filled my cup. All my life thy loving favour pursues me; through the long years the Lord’s house shall be my dwelling-place.

All things are possible with God!

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