June 25 - Supposed "Emergency" Meeting of the Roman Curia
(06-27-2013, 01:31 PM)Tim Wrote:
(06-27-2013, 12:20 PM)Sant Anselmo Wrote: Voris is not backing down.  In fact, he is upping the ante:    

If these claims are true, it would certainly explain the reported emergency meeting the other day. 

I saw this incident reported but not in as much detail. It was reported just a whiff of a sex scandal and no prelates were implicated. That was a real news item in Roma.


Not to mention that little bit about selling our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist to satanists. 

The story is now showing up elsewhere. 


(06-27-2013, 12:24 AM)Chestertonian Wrote:
(06-26-2013, 10:20 PM)StCeciliasGirl Wrote: Is his latest video the one about the prophecy of Genesis? (That's the one going around on FB; looks like he's still @ roma).

Because if so, one could read something bad into it. The enmity between the children of the woman (Church) and the children of the snake ( :LOL: Curia?)

no need to jump to conclusions without any data.

Looks like I didn't jump far enough. Church Satanists (IS an oxymoron—these guys and those who kept quiet about it, #Hell) and a sex slave ring! Wow! Well, looks like the REAL saints can still be called up for intervention. This makes gay marriage look good. This makes ISLAM look good.

I hope Papa Francesco opens up the dungeons and racks the demonics.

I think we should all pray an extra extra decade for the intentions of Pope Francis' safety.
Shucks!  Seems the world is underneath a great big ol' gay pile-on!  

I wonder how the fallout will be after all this gayness.  

Gayness here in America at the highest levels.  Gayness there at the Vatican.  

Seems gayness is gonna be the new theme of Western Civilzation for the next 20-30 years at this rate.  

I even hear Obama had gay encounters.  

I wonder if public schools will make it mandatory to have a gay sexual experience in order to graduate.  I know already that up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, they've had gender switch days, where boys and girls dress like the opposite sex.  

And already, it's just fine and dandy for your average liberated woman to have her gay friends hover near her to provide support, comfort, and reinforcement.

(06-27-2013, 02:46 PM)StCeciliasGirl Wrote: I think we should all pray an extra extra decade for the intentions of Pope Francis' safety.

Good idea. If this story is true (and it may not be), the gay mafia is not going to go down meekly. I'm not sure if the priest who has made all of the accusations is really trustworthy, given his background, since he broke the story because he was upset that he couldn't go back to work in Rome. Not the best of motivations for telling the truth, but stranger things have happened. I would hope that he's telling the truth. I'll pray, too, that Pope Francis will have the strength and fortitude to do something about the problem.
This stuff makes me sick to my stomach.  God be with Pope Francis as he tries to clean this mess up.
Male prostitution, Host desecration and Satanism!  If this turns out to be the real deal, then the Church is in for some awfully painful and traumatic times ahead because this serpent must be pulled from her heel, its deadly bite lanced, and the poison drawn from the wound if we are to protect the heart of the Church.  As the Church militant, it sounds like it's time for us to gird up and put on the armor of God, because if this turns out to be as serious as it sounds, we are in for one hell of a battle. -- "I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel."

Breaking News
during his pilgrimage to Fatima in May of 2010, his holyness Pope Benedict XVI answered a question concerning whether the Third Secret pertains in any way to the sexual scandals impacting the church! The pope responded with his famous quote about the church undergoing its passion...:

“. . . beyond this great vision of the suffering of the Pope, which we can in the first instance relate to John Paul II, are indicated future realities of the Church which are little by little developing and showing themselves. Thus it is true that beyond the moment indicated in the vision, it is spoken, it is seen, the necessity of a passion of the Church . . .

“As for the new things that we can discover in this message today, there is also the fact that attacks on the Pope and the Church do not come only from the outside, but the sufferings of the Church come precisely from inside the Church, from the sin that exists in the Church. This too we have always seen, but today we see in a really terrifying way that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from external enemies, but is born of sin in the Church, from the sin that exists in the Church...”

One cannot help but feel that, as with the passion of our lord, our church has dark days ahead. It's credibility as moral voice in the secular world is being crushed when it is needed to be heard the most at any time in history.  I believe I remember hearing in an old Malachi Martin interview that Pope JP ll did not request consecration of Russia because he knew the rot and infection was too deep to heal. When asked "then what can be done?", he pulled his rosary out of his pocket and said this is all we have (paraphrased).  It is still our greatest weapon.
It's time to end priestly celibacy, in my view (except for bishops and for religious, of course). The homosexual subculture will persist as long as things continue as they are.
(06-27-2013, 03:29 PM)Clare Brigid Wrote: It's time to end priestly celibacy, in my view (except for bishops and for religious, of course). The homosexual subculture will persist as long as things continue as they are.

There is absolutely zero evidence for that fashionable assertion.

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