Political theory and Catholic social teaching
As a new person when it comes to Tradition and thus even new to the Catholic faith in general I have been fascinated with Catholic social teaching and political/economic theory. I have heard different ideas regarding this and have heard people argue regarding these two things when it comes to Catholic social teaching.

There are different theories I have heard and different Catholics belief differently. I have been reading Thomas E Woods and the Austrian school of economics and his support for a free market, I have also read a bit on Chris Ferrera and his opposition to Thomas E Woods Austrian ideas. As far as I know Chris Ferrera is a distributist and monarch.

The reason that I am asking about these economic and political beliefs is simply with my fascination in learning about Catholic social teaching which I have yet to learn a lot about, and the different theories that people are having.

Even within Catholicism their are these differences of belief and I just wanted to know if there are great resources for learning about what the Catholic Church teaches regarding these social teachings so I can see if a particular belief is more or less compatible with the teachings the Catholic Church has.

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