Political theory and Catholic social teaching
I see great confusion over the term "free trade". It is proposed that without any governmental intervention it will "float all boats". The USA grew without "global trade". We made things that were good and sold them to each other. Pat Buchanan has cited economic data showing we exported about 5% of our products. In those days we practiced subsidiarity here in America without really understanding it. The largest companies, ATT&T, was controlled because it was a monopoly. Banks were separate, and could not eat up other banks and become large, and they were not allowed to play in the Wall Street Casino. We trained High School grads for work, and of course the core subjects necessary to be literate. In effect we were distributists then, again without our own knowing.

The real root of the financial problems are all of the National Banks, and the Tower of Basel aka the Bank of International Settlements, along with all the WTO, IMF, and any I don't remember now at this moment. These are the cutouts used by the Dynastic Families to rule their planet. The difference between Friedman, Kenyes, Rothbard is how they interpret the Dynast's will, is all. America has kicked the 10 Commandments to the curb, and sent God packing, so anything is possible now.


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