Political theory and Catholic social teaching
I side with Ferrara over Woods in that debate. His arguments (and that of Distributist folks) just win in the long run. Taken to the logical end, the Libertarian doctrines are, well, liberal...hence the name. Born of freemasonry and of the protestant revolt and of usury and of the so called enlightenment.

That being said, libertarianism is better than what we have now. It would reset the clock, so to speak, and in a few decades we would be right back to this point again.

And that being said....while I tend to side with the distributist approach, I think ain't nothin gonna work this side of a chastisement...or the consecration of Russia in accord with Heaven's request. Whichever comes first.

The Distributist Review - http://distributistreview.com/mag/ - has interesting articles from that economic perspective.

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