Political theory and Catholic social teaching
(07-02-2013, 07:46 AM)Tim Wrote: Yep, I'd say the USA founding documents with some judicious Catholic editing, and confessing Christ the King, we'd be okay.The founding fathers all without realizing where basing their work on S. Roberto Bellarmine, and some on Fr. Suarez, with the removal of their Protestant and Masonic deviations, the USA would be a decent Nation. Just a bit of irony, when Eisenhower was President we had 95% at the top of income tax, and we grew magnificently. And contrary to popular mythology, Chicagoans of African descent were doing well, but none of us of any color had entitlement fever like today.

Tim, wasn't it you that posted something a while back showing the similarity of the US founding and Saint Robert Bellarmine and Fr. Suarez? I believe it was an article. If you have it, can you re-post it?

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