Political theory and Catholic social teaching
I don't know anyone that says Distributism will bring Utopia. All Utopian systems are directly against God. They deny original sin, the need for Redemption, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Their is no way to fix all of our problems by wise men because we are fallen. That said I do not understand how many pro-capitalists and pro-libertarians can call it socialism. There is "big book of distributism" which lays out exactly how it should work. All it puts forth is some idea that the working men at the bottom has the ability to acquire his own property. That is what is in the Constitution, but the one word is changed. The phrase originally was life, liberty, and pursuit of property, not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Subsidiarity is the answer. When the size of banks, companies, cartels, businesses, or any commerce is limited in size, and privately owned National Banks are outlawed distributism will follow.


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