Political theory and Catholic social teaching
(06-26-2013, 11:49 AM)Tim Wrote: When the NWO is complete, you'll have those Monarchs and Aristocrats, they're the Dynastic Families. We'll be ruled as in days of old by fiat, and we'll work and shut up or be killed.


I hope you're joking.

The New World Order is an oligarchy of industrialists and bankers who view the rest of humanity as either a disease or a resource to be exploited.  The Catholic monarchies of Christendom weren't perfect, but they were at least accountable to the Church.

The New World Order is Anti-Christendom, Tim.  It won't look ANYTHING like Christendom, the Catholic monarchies or the feudal system we once had (which was actually a necessary system for preserving western civilization in a time where hordes of barbarians were pouring into Europe).

The Alex Jones crowd doesn't understand what Christendom and feudalism were actually about, so when they accuse the New World Order of being a "neo-feudal" system, they're showing the world just how little they know about history or the intentions of the people living in and ruling in those times.


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