Political theory and Catholic social teaching
One cannot religionize an economic theory, model, system, but moralize it. Economies do not have a religion and are subject only to morals and the morality of their adherents. Certain economic theories are inherently immoral. Capitalism can work, and does, when people engage it morally. Conversely, nothing is a backstop to immorality creeping into a society attempting distributism, yet to be defined as anything other than time-capsule capitalism; nor is its implementation without committing evil to achieve the theoretical good established, nor is there a guarantee that, as reality dictates, certain individuals won't win out in success. Based on what little I can piece together, distributism is nothing more than glass-ceiling capitalism in theory, and never really tried in actuality.

The very notion of everyone having their own thing stabs at the heart of the reason proposed to implement it in the first place! Plumber has own tools (they often do). How do they gain their own tools, but by first being subject to the property of another?

Rerum Novarum can just as easily lend support to Capitalism as implemented by a moral society.

This conversation is useless. Fix the moral problem before fantasizing about economic theories, as an immoral society will fail no matter the economic model in place. This is, of course, impossible. Distributism remains a fantasy. Capitalism remains a fantasy brought to life.

I cannot lend support to the idea akin to let's get married until how we are to pay for the baby is worked out first.

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