Political theory and Catholic social teaching
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(07-04-2013, 07:10 PM)Tim Wrote:
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(07-04-2013, 12:08 PM)Tim Wrote: The monarchs if and when the NWO is in place will not be the CEO's of Fortune 25, nor the billionaire hedge fund guys, not even the pyramid scheme guys, they are much higher up the food chain, they're the Dynastic Families which own these and the Banks including the National Banks. Follow the money.


But they aren't the ruling families of Christendom, as it seems you're implying.  And not all of them are dynastic.  Some are brought in after pampering and sifting through the rest of us.

I'm not implying ! If some lone Catholic Monarch ascends a throne, somewhere,  you can bet your bippy, he's controlled by the Dynastic families.


You're joking.  So, in your world, there's absolutely no possibility that Christendom will be restored and the New World Order brought down?

If by Christendom you mean some European Monarchies, then yes there will be no return. What ever type of Government a nation has except Communism or Socialism has no bearing on that. Since the beginning God warned against Kings. The new world order we have right now will either be brought down because of the Consecration of Russia, or the Minor Chastisement

In the prophecy Jesus says He want his Mother's Heart placed next to His in devotion, and she said God will give us a period of peace if Russia is Consecrated. If you connect the dots she will be the bridge to her Son the King from the nations.


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