Rick Santorum made CEO of faith-based movie firm EchoLight Studios
The Washington Times

Former Sen. Rick Santorum has a new gig as chief executive at a faith-based film company.

According to Dallas-based EchoLight Studios, the former GOP presidential candidate will be the new CEO of “the first movie company to produce, finance, market and distribute faith-based, family films across all releasing platforms.”

Mr. Santorum announced the venture on Fox News’ “The Huckabee Show” on Saturday.

“This is the right place and right time, and I’ve jumped in with both feet,” he said. “I often say that culture is upstream from politics, and I know entertainment also can be strength and light for people who want to be uplifted and reinforced in their values. Dallas can become the Hollywood of the faith-and-family movie market. And the keys are great content and economic success… using money from all over to build out the industry and distribute an authentic product truthful to the faith in people’s lives.”

EchoLight’s upcoming first theatrical, “The Redemption of Henry Myers,” is slated for release in the fall, the company said.

I love the non-specific "faith based" description.  I really wish this guy would just go away.  Ron Paul tore him up during the debates.
He's well liked among the Evangelicals. This probably is some how tied to Dallas Theological. I can see the first movie. It's claymation where Gumby meets Moses.
Gee wilikers, Moses, why did they worship the golden calf ? said Gumby.
It looks like the Redemption of Henry Myers is a Western. I'd probably go see it, but it does look like standard Hallmark Channel fare (but then I kind of like the Hallmark Channel). But if a film is to have widespread appeal, it seems like it wouldl have to be a slicker production that what this film appears to be. And it will have to appeal to Evangelicals, and not be specifically Catholic. *sigh*.

In my mind's eye most any human subject can be made into a movie which Catholics or Evangelicals would enjoy. For instance John LeCarre's Smiley's People which a veiled story of the Kim Philby affair with lots of Oxford queers in the story. Where morality is concerned all we need to do is stay out of the bedrooms or toilets. We can speak in frank terms. We are grownups. There is no need to make Narnia again.


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