Breaking News from Voris-This must be what the meeting was about!
Breaking News: Rome’s Gay Clergy

Hello everyone and welcome to this Breaking News from Rome.

A scandal almost beyond imagination is about to crash over the Vatican.

It involves a homosexual prostitution ring with young teenage males and roughly 10-20roman clergy including according to initial reports .. and at least four bishops may somehow be involved.

Also related, the recruiter for the boy prostitution ring also stole consecrated hosts and sold them to Satanists in and around Rome.

All of this has come to light apparently based on the testimony provided to Rome police as well as video and pictures provided by a former priest convicted of sex abuse who tried to get reinstated as a priest after serving five years in Italian prison, but was refused by the Vatican.

Infuriated – reports are he blew the whistle on the whole situation and took pictures, videos and even one of the former male prostitute boys as a corroborating witness.

And too add to his credibility, he was accompanied by two senior Vatican clergyman who vouched for his story to the police.

We cannot at this point confirm if the emergency meeting that was called at The Vatican two days ago by Pope Francis for the curial cardinals was related to this, so all we can ask is that you stand by for more reports as details come to light.

It seems apparent at this point that Rome authorities may soon be making some arrests and some of them may involve clergy with ties to the Vatican.

Stay tuned.

Reporting from Rome .. this is Michael Voris for CMTV suggesting we pray very earnestly for the Church at this point.

GOD Love you.

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