Breaking News from Voris-This must be what the meeting was about!
(06-27-2013, 02:17 PM)St. Pius of Trent Wrote: Crikey, and something tells me that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come....

It IS the tip of the iceberg & it so sickened Pope Benedict that I don't believe he'll live much longer. This may be the end for me. too. When I was 28 yrs. old, in 1969, I watched as "they" tore my Church apart. Took the Altar rail, that my Grandfather (a carpenter) had been SO proud to build & chopped it into short lengths to give as mementos  to parishioners. They hauled statues away on flatbed trucks & put up walls of sheetrock in front of the main altars.

Then came the music. Those were the days of "The answers my friend, are blowing in the wind" played on a guitar at the side of the "altar". Bob Dylan (a fantastic musician in his day) & the Catholic Church just don't really match up. And the Mass, more beautiful than the most sacred Basilica. Related to the PROPITIATORY Sacrifice that Christ made. People don't seem to want to realize that God DEMANDED recompense for the sins of Adam & mankind.  No, they think He's just a kindly, old Grandfather Who pats us on the head when we sin & says, "Don't worry, It's no big deal".

The worshipers would open the huge doors & crossing themselves with holy water, have eyes ONLY for the Tabernacle & the nearest pew. There was silence, glorious silence, which people seem uncomfortable with today. Picture it, no one waving at a friend, no EEM's trying to maneuver their seat so that they will be closest to the priest when they stampede the altar, just a sacred silence that was contagious. One could SENSE that this place was different, this place was the home of God. it was gone in a moment, with no explanations, no classes, nothing...........just "this (the NO.)  is today's Mass". We weren't told that the old Mass was still available.

Now, 45 yrs. later, I find that there are clergy in the TOP echelon of our Church, who taught us that sodomy was a deviant form of sex that mocked the self-giving,  unifying aspect of the marriage act in itself, is a sin:

It's too much, just too much.

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