Vatican official tried to smuggle $26M in cash on plane
Do you know how big of a bag you would need to put 26m in? And where did he get  26m? Maybe this was the breaking news of the other day? This is one dumb msgr......
Here is more information on that;
The plot involved an armed police escort, a wealthy shipping family and a plan to secretly transport $26 million (20 million euros) from a Swiss bank account into Italy aboard a private jet. At the heart of the story of greed: a silver-haired Vatican monsignor.

The latest corruption scandal to hit the Holy See unraveled in public on Friday as Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a Vatican accountant, was arrested in the customs-dodging Swiss bank case. He is also under investigation in a separate case of alleged money-laundering involving his Vatican bank account.

The developments came two days after Pope Francis created a commission of inquiry into the Vatican bank to get to the bottom of the problems that have plagued it for decades and contributed to its reputation as an unregulated, offshore tax haven.
Do you remember the movie star some few years ago caught with billions of Euros in his car trunk ? In large denominations, that's Federal Reserve Notes of 10K, it's a carry on bag. I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut this is part of the sex scandal. All of these slime balls are inter-related. I remember a Vatican Bank Scandal at the time of Watergate, which was owned by the Vatican, where they in conjunction with the Mafia owned the water rights in Southern Italy and Sicily, and were squeezing the people in true Mafia style. This has been coming for a long time.


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