Open Letter to Bishops and Priests
(07-01-2013, 11:58 PM)Philosoraptor Wrote:
Saint Anselmo Wrote:I would only add one thing, and that would be to stop treating issues of prudential judgement as if they are doctrinal in nature.
What do you mean?

An example might be endorsing specific measures to combat poverty when we are free to disagree on the best methods to address that issue or stating in one sentence that you have no particular competence to endorse a specific measure to combat crime and then in the next sentence going ahead and endorsing Obama's gun control measures.  Both of those things are issues of prudential judgement in that we all agree that we should help the poor and lower violent crime, but are free to disagree in good conscience on the best methods to accomplish those goals.  Our bishops however, all too often, endorse specifics when they are A) not competent to do so; and B) we are free to disagree.  In addition, it seems to me, and many others I speak to have noticed this as well, that we hear quite a bit about things we are free to disagree with such as the best plan to deal with illegal immigration (again specific policies which are outside of the competence of their knowledge are almost always endorsed) but very little about things which are less open to interpretation.  Or, we might hear over and over again about something like the death penalty and how we need to get rid of it, when Catholic tradition allows it and at times has even endorsed it, and not for the protection of society as it states in the current CCC, but for the seeking of justice as stated by Popes throughout the ages.  You would never know it to listen to our bishops, but the Vatican had the death penalty and even retained the services of an executioner for much of Catholic history, and again, not for those criminals who were still a danger to society, but for those criminals whose crime was deserving of such a penalty. 

I could go on, but hopefully that helps you to understand what I was getting at. 


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