An Update
Almost three weeks ago I posted the following:

Jovan Wrote:A person very dear to me recently found a lump in her breast. Yesterday she had a mammogram and a biopsy. She received a call today saying it is suspect and they're scheduling a lumpectomy and a biopsy of her lymph nodes ASAP. We are scared! Her name is Rebecca. Please pray for her. St Agatha is patroness of breast cancer sufferers and St Peregrine Laziosi is the general patron of cancer sufferers.

Since then the diagnosis has gotten worse and it seems she will have to undergo a mastectomy. She hasn't said if they're talking single or double yet, but it will probably be on this coming Friday, the 4th.

She is devastated and I'm scared! Please continue your prayers to Ss Agatha and Peregrine!

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